Gold Hardware: Frost Yo Kitchen

I’m not a fan of owning jewellery. Don’t get me wrong; it’s beautiful and precious and greatly appreciated when received from the special peeps in your life. But it’s expensive. If you lose it you’re screwed and that sucks. So instead why not frost your home? No one can steal it! And you can’t lose it! For those of you who dislike cooking (Really? Me too!), accents worthy of their own safe deposit box make washing dishes a little more glam. Gold decor accents are on the brain as of late as I attempt to wash away the college dorm room (read: Ikea furniture and blank walls) feel from my current abode. My creamy kitchen doesn’t stand a chance against gold hardware fit for a queen, so I daydream about these instead. Bonus: gold-plated cutlery. Because, why not?
gold faucet 9 gold faucet 8gold faucet 3 gold faucet 6 gold faucet 5 gold faucet 4 gold faucet 7 gold faucet 2 gold faucet 1 gold flatware

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White Walls and Dark Floors

That last post was a little heavy, let’s lighten things up a little. Speaking of lightening things up, I’m debating white walls. See what I did there? Textbook segue.

Right now, the condo is ensconced in a light, dove-gray. Gray is my favourite colour—or shade, for you purists. But stark white walls coupled with ample natural light just screams “refreshing” as soon as you walk through the door. And a delicious benefit of Brobdingnagian* proportions? The floors are dark hardwood so the contrast would be eye-popping. Literally. One’s eyes would be hard-pressed not to pop, the retina’s just drinking it all in.

Some beloved examples found on Pinterest. You can follow me on there ya know?


*Use of the word inspired by The Big Bang Theory. Oh, Sheldon.

Moroccan Me Crazy

Moroccan Me Crazy

Last year, I reluctantly became a homeowner, the dorm room-esque decor had to go. I is adult now. And with that, the inclination to forgo IKEA in favour of Eames arose. The latter, however, far exceeds the more familiar prices of Kijiji haggling and the Swedes’ build-thine-own furniture empire. For the uninitiated, Kijiji is, more or less, the Canadian version of Craigslist. Decorating my oh-so-very-humble abode was going to take a while.

Not unlike the pursuit to clothe oneself, one eventually finds that fast fashion collaborations or Joe Fresh more than suffice. We all can’t afford to swathe ourselves in Rodarte, Tom Ford or Givenchy. Or to fill our homes with Eames, Wegner or Saarenin And not unlike the pursuit to clothe oneself does styling your outfit differ greatly from styling your living room. Thank. God.

Take this Moroccan-inspired rug; took me a glacial minute to find and it is an investment piece. As one would invest in a little black jacket à la Chanel for your closet, an area rug for your living room requires the same attributes: quality, durability, timelessness. And as with any carefully put-together ensemble, a neutral base with accents is much desired. The juxtaposition of textures, contrasts and pops of colour anchored by the achromatic…wait, I’m talking about home decor, right? Anyway, the sofa and rug wax achromatic, a jutting contrast to dark oak floors, while my accent preferences as of late have included vintage travel posters, gold, an array of pinks, and just recently, green. Like the banana leaf button-up, who wouldn’t want a hint of the tropics for a throw pillow?

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