allow me to please introduce myself…

Hi. My name is Amoi (and yes, you are pronouncing it wrong). I hail from the Great White North, although not originally.

From a very young age, I’ve unknowingly had a penchant for style and fashion, perhaps cultivated from my upbringing –in elementary school my mother would dress me in plaid, floral and striped day dresses. “It never hurts to be overdressed”, she would say in her response to my protests; I hated tights and leather mary janes didn’t have the best grip. My father would occasionally spoil my brother and me with church outfits from a downtown children’s boutique. It was from him I learned about the importance of tailoring. Indeed, the seeds were planted at a young age. Only within the past few years, have I truly realized the high experienced while getting dressed for work, or putting together a stupendous outfit with something freshly picked from the store along with something buried deep within the darkness of my closet. I plan on chasing this high for the rest of my life. My name is Amoi and fashion is my drug of choice.

With that, I introduce you to, fashion marmalade my musings on fashion, style and everything in between that I deem worthy of mentioning. This blog will be an on-going work in progress and the beginning of a journey that should have started a long, long time ago.

So please, enjoy my fashion marmalade. Served best with toast and an eye for style.