Gold Hardware: Frost Yo Kitchen

I’m not a fan of owning jewellery. Don’t get me wrong; it’s beautiful and precious and greatly appreciated when received from the special peeps in your life. But it’s expensive. If you lose it you’re screwed and that sucks. So instead why not frost your home? No one can steal it! And you can’t lose it! For those of you who dislike cooking (Really? Me too!), accents worthy of their own safe deposit box make washing dishes a little more glam. Gold decor accents are on the brain as of late as I attempt to wash away the college dorm room (read: Ikea furniture and blank walls) feel from my current abode. My creamy kitchen doesn’t stand a chance against gold hardware fit for a queen, so I daydream about these instead. Bonus: gold-plated cutlery. Because, why not?
gold faucet 9 gold faucet 8gold faucet 3 gold faucet 6 gold faucet 5 gold faucet 4 gold faucet 7 gold faucet 2 gold faucet 1 gold flatware

Photo credits and links on my Pinterest Kitchen Board!

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