White Walls and Dark Floors

That last post was a little heavy, let’s lighten things up a little. Speaking of lightening things up, I’m debating white walls. See what I did there? Textbook segue.

Right now, the condo is ensconced in a light, dove-gray. Gray is my favourite colour—or shade, for you purists. But stark white walls coupled with ample natural light just screams “refreshing” as soon as you walk through the door. And a delicious benefit of Brobdingnagian* proportions? The floors are dark hardwood so the contrast would be eye-popping. Literally. One’s eyes would be hard-pressed not to pop, the retina’s just drinking it all in.

Some beloved examples found on Pinterest. You can follow me on there ya know?


*Use of the word inspired by The Big Bang Theory. Oh, Sheldon.