just one of the boys…

I love this look. I wore it to the office one casual Friday and received many a second look. Pairing it with the blue button-up came to mind after watching “I Am Love” (that I loved), Tilda Swinton’s (who I love) character dons a light blue button-up with orange tangerine pants. Very menswear-inspired (another thing I love)…just like one of the boys.

Pants featured here are Mango, photos by David Fee.


hey gaia repossi, i really love your style

I really, really do. She exudes a quiet elegance which I’m quite drawn to and has accomplished so much: a collaboration with Alexander Wang last season and her own jewellery line. Her menswear-inspired look is what I’m into as of late…well, not really, more like always…and I love that her femininity is never lost in the translation. Despite the subtle masculine influence in her style, the Parisienne look wears her well. She’s an advocate of Céline –if I could afford it, I’d be too–and wears it oh so well. Needless to say, Gaia (because we’re on a first name basis), I really love your style. If you don’t know who she is, look her up.

gaia in céline

gaia in mens suiting

gaia in céline pants

Thinking about it now, I think I’d like to have this as a regular feature on the blog. I have a few (read: a lot) “style icons”, for lack of a better word, I’d be happy to share them with!


…just because.

it was very windy in that day...almost pulled a Munroe!

Not much to say, other than this dress was a fun choice. It’s asymmetrical, it ruffles and it pleats. Reminds me of Marc Jacobs circa Spring/Summer 2010, but much, much more toned down. I love the blush pink colour; adding that extra touch of femininity to this overly feminine dress.

Dress and necklace from Forever 21. Shoes from Nine West. Photos by David Fee.


“the Executive was a classic…”


I should probably elaborate. I love this trench. Why? Because I can wear it (nearly, not quite, but almost) all year round thanks to the removable wool lining. Multi-functional-wearability –yeah it’s a word, look it up– is something I try to look for and am lucky to find when indulging in an ad-hoc (mini) shopping spree. The more ways, and the greater frequency, in which I can wear a separate, the better. And that’s truth.

The dress is a new-found favourite, a recent gift-to-myself for my dear cousin’s fall wedding. What magical nuptials! I was strongly attracted to the length; there’s something about the above-the-knee that screams sophistication. I fully appreciate the ruffle detailing, not only to hide my new-found muffin-top, but to add a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to what could have been a tad modest. The vibrant colour ain’t too bad on the eyes either. Sidebar: both my spellcheck and Gr. 10 English teacher want to pummel me with a dictionary…sumthin’ sumthin’? ain’t? Alas, I digress. I did end up spending a pretty penny on this dress…but then again, I usually do. As mentioned here, I’ve worn the sister owl necklace and will wear both again and again and again. I plan to fuel my penchant for owls by getting my hands on this lamp…too much?

And high-five to those who picked up on the Seinfeld reference in the title.