What’s The (Colour) Story, Morning Glory?

Fighting the rainy gloom one day at a time. I picked up this canary yellow number at Joe Fresh. $12. I’m going back for the bubblegum pink.

When I was a kid, I used to dream in cartoon. I was always disappointed after I woke up; real life seemed so flat. Live your life like a cartoon. Bright. Full of colour. Like Natalie Joos.


it came in plaid

The past few days have been cold. Cold as hell. I’m all about Canadians winter…for as long as the holiday cheer lasts then I want to high-tail it to the West Indies and not come back to our Great White North until the temperature rises above 10C. But alas, a 65-year-old Snow Bird I am not. When the windchill becomes a factor, I like to brighten it up. Add a little “Spring” to my step. Here’s a perfect example. Now to curl up by the fireplace and wait for the snow to melt.

Photos by the talented David Fee…

PS — Love the midi-length of this skirt, the heels could go sky-high and the look would stay modest.