“duh duh da duh…deep in the heart of Texas!”

Naturally, the above title has absolutely nothing to do with the content of this post. Just thought I’d get your attention…has it worked?

I’ve been painfully reluctant to share an outfit post as of late because of poor presentation. I know that a few things will need to change from herein…it’s just finding the time to make those changes that is the problem. Finding the time to force my lazy ass to write something on a particularly consistent basis is also a problem, one that I hope to strategically correct and one that works out for everyone. And by everyone, I mean me. I digress. The things that will need to change include the following;

investing into a tripod and remote: the “self-portraits” of me in the mirror trying to casually balance myself while keeping the camera in focus in simply ludicrous…bordering on sad.

putting more effort into accessorizing: that’s supposed to be an advantage to this fashion blogging journey, exploring my wardrobe choices while taking “risks”, pushing “boundaries” and winning the Nobel Peace Prize in the process.

occasionally using a photographer: allowing for my high-fashion magazine-worthy editorials to display varying angles. Of course keeping in line with my life philosophy to be consistently inconsistent. I practice such a thing regularly.

And the most important one of all…

blog more regularly: like a bowel movement. Somewhat contradicts with my life philosophy though.

ANYWAY. I unwillingly present to you two products of an unexpected shopping spree. I bought more…but will show that another day…maybe. The vibrant lime-green racer back is from Zara. It has a cute gold zipper in the back…but I couldn’t photograph that being photographer-less and all. The first outfit, I wore to an informal job interview and felt great! I LOVE the Anthropologie skirt and Nine West pumps I wore it with. The second outfit features graphic-print silk pants from Club Monaco that I had to have. I wore this to the OIFF Kick-Off Party a couple of moons (that’s weeks, right?) ago. You can see some photos I took on Ottawa Fashion Week Facebook page and my coverage of the event here.

Zara tank, Anthropologie skirt, Mango cardigan, Nine West pumps

Zara tank / CM pants & blazer / Aldo shoes

Enough with the self-portraits.

Aaaaannnnddddd….that’s all folks.


Yes, it happened ions ago but here…

I know, I know, I’ve been MIA for a week. But now I’m back (insert warm applause here)! Not this past Saturday, but the Saturday before, I had the opportunity of attending not one, but two fashion shows on behalf of Ottawa Fashion Week where I work as a Social Media/Marketing Intern. You can read my coverage on both events here and here.

I wore a bright yellow Club Monaco sundress with a RW&Co. boyfriend blazer and birthday gift from the Man of My Dreams; Nine West rafia-wedge sandals. Do you remember in the post here where I gasped when I first laid eyes on that dress? Well the same thing occurred with these sandals; quickest shoe shopping excursion of my life. Only 10 minutes spent in Nine West…I’d say that’s a record, no? These shoes will definitely be in high rotation in my summer wardrobe this season.

Anyway,  to say the least, I felt 150% under-dressed compared to my fashionable counterparts in attendance at both shows (as you can see from the photos). To see more photos taken by me and the talented Sabrina Kwan, fellow Social Media Intern, visit Ottawa Fashion Week’s Facebook page.

I guess because of the weather, I felt it mandatory to don my summer attire, however, by doing so I inadvertently under-dressed for the occasion. I should have followed my mother’s advice, from when I was a young lass, “When in doubt, always overdress”.

It’s actually her birthday today. Happy Birthday Mom! Love you!

Bye for now!

my birthday suit

dress - Zara / shoes - Nine West / watch - Michael Kors

At the time of writing, it was still my birthday. This is what I decided to work wear on my “special” day. This dress is one of my favourites. Love the nautical theme and the beautiful crest. You know when you’re shopping for nothing in particular and then you come across something on the rack that makes you inadvertently gasp. I had that moment with this dress…so I bought it…despite my frugal-ness.

I didn’t do much for my birthday but received the greatest of gifts from The Man of My Dreams. He made my day so wonderful. Best. Birthday. Ever.

i concentrate really hard when taking pictures -- as if to make them turn out much better

topped off with H&M anorak with gold detail

my four inch heeled sea legs

Day 1 of Vancouver, included a whole lotta nothin’. We didn’t do much, but find somewhere to eat…I forget where…or what. Who? Anyway, Day 2 included a whole lotta walkin’! My dogs were howlin’ and barkin’ at the end of the day. Regardless, that didn’t stop me from slipping on these…

I matched these scarlet suede, with black-sequined appliqué, Nine West beauties with; my absolute favourite black wool, Club Monaco boyfriend blazer. Oh boy! Do I have a retail, miracle anecdote for that one… I digress. For an additional punch of colour– the splashes of scarlet highlighted by the pumps –I adorned my tiered, pleated purple & grey ikat print Gap mini. Finally, accessorized with gold-plated Michael Kors watch.

love this look

I don’t accessorize with much; just a watch, if that. I do, however, want to make it a point to accessorize more this year and beyond. Especially after interning at Ottawa Fashion Week S/S 2011, which showcased a smorgasbord of incredibly beautiful, unique and interesting jewellery. Anyone know of any local Ottawa boutiques that would carry interesting & affordable pieces?

i heart u CM

Why did I get all “dressed up”? The Man of my Dreams and I celebrated our 6-month anniversary, 3 days late, on The Constitution for a harbour dinner-cruise of Vancouver. It was unbelievably beautiful! I, unfortunately, did not take my camera on my romantic dinner and cruise; so you’ll have to believe me when I say that is was unbelievably beautiful.

During the day, I did take some pictures…stay tuned for those.