L — is for the way you look, at me

Garance & Scott x Tiffany Co…

I came across this video yesterday and felt the need to share.

It’s difficult for some to find the One if not, one of the many ones that we may end up with within a lifetime. True love is very rarely what you would find in the movies; boy meets girl, falls in love with girl, girl detests boy, boy wins over girl, girl falls in love with boy, boy and girl get married and live happily ever after…roll credits. What you see in this video –I’d like to think anyway –is what true love really is: sitting under a tree in silence or keeping your girl warm or just hanging out or creating something beautiful together. Oh, and a Tiffany ring as apart of that equation doesn’t hurt either.


onwards & upwards

I’m not even going to bring up my disturbing absence this past month and a half…let’s just move forward shall we? Start anew, if I may?

Artistic Director for Moschino, Rosella Jardini

The image above was taken last June by the lovely and ever so talented Garance Doré. I remember thinking that I wish I could stay this chic when I grew older. The crisp blue shirt with collar casually popped, tailored white pants and statement jewelry.

Industrial-strength iron, anyone? White denim wrinkles a no-no.

I heart my MK watch and vintage Dior belt...a little too much.

I drew from Garancé’s photo, inspiration for my outfit for an evening of “light” shopping yesterday; I say light because it only lasted 1.5 hours instead of the usual 3-5. Recently, I’ve kept my retail therapy to a bare minimum and happened to go a little overboard. And rightly so, I was indulging for a special occasion – an event I was given the privilege of attending. More on that another time…

Back to the outfit – I love the colours! So fresh and invigorating. My mood took a turn for the better with this ensemble…or perhaps that was due to the high I felt from handing the sales associate my credit card. Either way, I felt great. On top of the world! The perfect get-up for running errands; casual yet chic, put together, but not too much. A little side note: I feel like this would have been better worn with a pair of gladiators, instead of the gold flip-flops I had to opt for. I currently am not in possession of a pair of gladiators– I guess I’ll have to make another shopping trip for a pair…or two.