the perpetually late bloomer

I’ve never had great timing.

I’ve always been late to bloom. Mostly with regards to common societal knowledge; new music, politics, television etc., you know, the things that matter. In marketing terms (having study it I should know) I would be considered  part of the “late majority” or maybe even a “laggard”. Fashion Marmalade is a perfect example of this. I started in 2010, but still haven’t quite figured it out, not in the least. But let’s not talk about that quite yet — I’ll save that for another time. Anyway, I really just wanted to comment on 2011. See? Bad timing.

A few of my favourite posts from 2011.

Last year, was truly year to be grateful for: I started an exciting (to me anyway) new job; moved into a great new place; traveled in-country; expanded my social network the teensiest-tiniest-little bit; and increased Fashion Marmalade’s exposure a teensiest-tiniest-little bit.  Oh, and of course there’s all the that fun fashion stuff that also happened in 2011, but you’ve read about it already, no need to repeat it here. However, not everything was peachy, I did suffer a minor +10 lbs pitfall with my physical appearance…but I’m working on that.

Onwards and upwards to 2012. This year has made me inexplicably anxious. Perhaps it’s the feeling of wiping one’s slate clean, having carte blanche, taking your knowledge from the year before to make better decisions for the year at hand. That’s what “resolutions’ are supposed to achieve — when applied correctly. Who knows, conceivably this anxiousness could be attributed to the mere excitement of a new year that could dissipate once February rolls around? I guess we’ll see come February. So, for the time being, I’m anxious to slowly unhinge myself from my comfort zone (i.e. my living room couch) and to broaden my awareness of, well, pretty much everything. ambiguous, I know, but then again, aren’t all New Year’s resolutions?

Wishing you a prosperous New Year.


…just because.

it was very windy in that day...almost pulled a Munroe!

Not much to say, other than this dress was a fun choice. It’s asymmetrical, it ruffles and it pleats. Reminds me of Marc Jacobs circa Spring/Summer 2010, but much, much more toned down. I love the blush pink colour; adding that extra touch of femininity to this overly feminine dress.

Dress and necklace from Forever 21. Shoes from Nine West. Photos by David Fee.


hello Autumn, it’s been a while.

My favourite season is now upon us, oh joy of joyous joys! Since childhood autumn (or the more commonly coined, fall) has been the time of year I looked forward to the most. When I was younger, autumn marked the beginning of school. The start of school meant back-to-school shopping which didn’t solely include school supplies…it meant clothes.  The first-day-back outfit was crucial. Everything had to be perfect or, as Chicken Little prophesied, the sky would fall and the world would come to an end.

Check out this hooter. I gushed in excitement when I happened on it and it’s sibling (to be seen another day) at Ragtime Vintage Shop. The anorak, wool cardigan and turtleneck suited me just fine to brave the outdoor elements while watching McGill football in Montréal this past weekend. The boots were definitely made for walking and I’ve done a million miles, or two, with these puppies. They will certainly be in high rotation this fall.

Gone are the days of first-day-back outfits for me. No need to fret about the sky falling. No need for perfection — just a killer pair of riding boots.

I’d just like to add a Texas-sized thank you to my friend David Fee, a kindly photographer who will be helping me out. I look forward to our collaboration!

Until next time!

“duh duh da duh…deep in the heart of Texas!”

Naturally, the above title has absolutely nothing to do with the content of this post. Just thought I’d get your attention…has it worked?

I’ve been painfully reluctant to share an outfit post as of late because of poor presentation. I know that a few things will need to change from herein…it’s just finding the time to make those changes that is the problem. Finding the time to force my lazy ass to write something on a particularly consistent basis is also a problem, one that I hope to strategically correct and one that works out for everyone. And by everyone, I mean me. I digress. The things that will need to change include the following;

investing into a tripod and remote: the “self-portraits” of me in the mirror trying to casually balance myself while keeping the camera in focus in simply ludicrous…bordering on sad.

putting more effort into accessorizing: that’s supposed to be an advantage to this fashion blogging journey, exploring my wardrobe choices while taking “risks”, pushing “boundaries” and winning the Nobel Peace Prize in the process.

occasionally using a photographer: allowing for my high-fashion magazine-worthy editorials to display varying angles. Of course keeping in line with my life philosophy to be consistently inconsistent. I practice such a thing regularly.

And the most important one of all…

blog more regularly: like a bowel movement. Somewhat contradicts with my life philosophy though.

ANYWAY. I unwillingly present to you two products of an unexpected shopping spree. I bought more…but will show that another day…maybe. The vibrant lime-green racer back is from Zara. It has a cute gold zipper in the back…but I couldn’t photograph that being photographer-less and all. The first outfit, I wore to an informal job interview and felt great! I LOVE the Anthropologie skirt and Nine West pumps I wore it with. The second outfit features graphic-print silk pants from Club Monaco that I had to have. I wore this to the OIFF Kick-Off Party a couple of moons (that’s weeks, right?) ago. You can see some photos I took on Ottawa Fashion Week Facebook page and my coverage of the event here.

Zara tank, Anthropologie skirt, Mango cardigan, Nine West pumps

Zara tank / CM pants & blazer / Aldo shoes

Enough with the self-portraits.

Aaaaannnnddddd….that’s all folks.