the perpetually late bloomer

I’ve never had great timing.

I’ve always been late to bloom. Mostly with regards to common societal knowledge; new music, politics, television etc., you know, the things that matter. In marketing terms (having study it I should know) I would be considered  part of the “late majority” or maybe even a “laggard”. Fashion Marmalade is a perfect example of this. I started in 2010, but still haven’t quite figured it out, not in the least. But let’s not talk about that quite yet — I’ll save that for another time. Anyway, I really just wanted to comment on 2011. See? Bad timing.

A few of my favourite posts from 2011.

Last year, was truly year to be grateful for: I started an exciting (to me anyway) new job; moved into a great new place; traveled in-country; expanded my social network the teensiest-tiniest-little bit; and increased Fashion Marmalade’s exposure a teensiest-tiniest-little bit.  Oh, and of course there’s all the that fun fashion stuff that also happened in 2011, but you’ve read about it already, no need to repeat it here. However, not everything was peachy, I did suffer a minor +10 lbs pitfall with my physical appearance…but I’m working on that.

Onwards and upwards to 2012. This year has made me inexplicably anxious. Perhaps it’s the feeling of wiping one’s slate clean, having carte blanche, taking your knowledge from the year before to make better decisions for the year at hand. That’s what “resolutions’ are supposed to achieve — when applied correctly. Who knows, conceivably this anxiousness could be attributed to the mere excitement of a new year that could dissipate once February rolls around? I guess we’ll see come February. So, for the time being, I’m anxious to slowly unhinge myself from my comfort zone (i.e. my living room couch) and to broaden my awareness of, well, pretty much everything. ambiguous, I know, but then again, aren’t all New Year’s resolutions?

Wishing you a prosperous New Year.


Channelling Emmanuelle Alt…well, sort of. Not as skinny. Or white.

blazer, Zara / shoes, Mea Shadow

Fitted, printed, snake-skin blazer. This separate is the most modern piece I own and is a bit outside the lines in terms of what I’m used to, but I feel it will make a regular rotation in my closet. One word: Emmanuelle Alt. Well, that’s two. She’s another fashion role model of mine. I have many. You’ll hear all about them.

Shoes. Most comfortable.

Little kicks.

And hey! Look! No lame mirror “portraits”…just a tripod. That’s less lame right?


walking to the beat of a different drum

I am infinitely bored at work and decided to spend a more productive use of my time doing something that I love: not working. If it were up to me (and well, it is) my job would consist of the following:

  • reading fashion magazines, print and otherwise;
  • surfing the interwebs for fashion blogs (see the links I heart for some of my favourites);
  • perusing Twitter for the instantaneous fashion feeds; and
  • virtual window shopping, which will more than likely turn into a purchase…or two.

All of the ‘tasks’ above would of course result in a bi-weekly allowance, but only just enough for me to afford separates from Miu Miu, Céline, Lanvin, The Row etc., all holed up at Holt Renfrew (there will come a time when I can walk into that store and feel like I belong). This job may or may not already exist, I’ll find out sooner or later. But for now, can’t a girl dream?

Speaking of interwebs and fashion blogs, I’d like to highlight a current favourite, Atlantic-Pacific by Blair Eadie from San Francisco. Her use of colour and layering is simply genius. Every post amazes me as she never fails to disappoint. My blogger role model. Look at the photos below and you’ll see what I mean.


That last ensemble above is reminiscent of this post. This entire exercise was a more productive use of my time. Maybe I should start posting while at work, increasing frequency and allowing for a less arduous pursuit of happiness. Something to think about…

Until next time, “stay classy San Diego”!

onwards & upwards

I’m not even going to bring up my disturbing absence this past month and a half…let’s just move forward shall we? Start anew, if I may?

Artistic Director for Moschino, Rosella Jardini

The image above was taken last June by the lovely and ever so talented Garance Doré. I remember thinking that I wish I could stay this chic when I grew older. The crisp blue shirt with collar casually popped, tailored white pants and statement jewelry.

Industrial-strength iron, anyone? White denim wrinkles a no-no.

I heart my MK watch and vintage Dior belt...a little too much.

I drew from Garancé’s photo, inspiration for my outfit for an evening of “light” shopping yesterday; I say light because it only lasted 1.5 hours instead of the usual 3-5. Recently, I’ve kept my retail therapy to a bare minimum and happened to go a little overboard. And rightly so, I was indulging for a special occasion – an event I was given the privilege of attending. More on that another time…

Back to the outfit – I love the colours! So fresh and invigorating. My mood took a turn for the better with this ensemble…or perhaps that was due to the high I felt from handing the sales associate my credit card. Either way, I felt great. On top of the world! The perfect get-up for running errands; casual yet chic, put together, but not too much. A little side note: I feel like this would have been better worn with a pair of gladiators, instead of the gold flip-flops I had to opt for. I currently am not in possession of a pair of gladiators– I guess I’ll have to make another shopping trip for a pair…or two.