Not Too Late for a Garden Party

Winners' Floral Shift Dress 1

With Canadian Thanksgiving past and Halloween—creepily shuffling its feet towards October in that dimly lit alley behind WalMart—around the corner, it’s safe to say Fall is upon us. Already, nary not a pumpkin-laced treat or scalding hot beverage, knitted-cabled sweater coziness, or flat-heeled ankle boot already in your weekend casual game’s rotation. Fall and all that comes along with it is great, I kid you not, but let’s face it folks, summer is just so much gosh-darn better: there’s more sunlight in the day to chase your dreams (with drinks on a patio); you’re free to bear your tri’s and bi’s in all their sleeveless glory; BBQ’d anything every night of the week; and the warmth, my god the warmth, of the sun on your sunglasses-framed face.

With that, allow me to take the time to look back on the sunshine of a couple of months earlier with these garden-party-worthy florals, a shift dress highly appropriate for the office and epic cap sleeves. #summerthrowback

It’s high time I embraced the current season—have you?

Winners' Floral Shift Dress 2

Winners' Floral Shift Dress 5 Winners Floral Shift Dress 4 Winners' Floral Dress for the office

shattered glass

Who says an asymmetrical hemline can’t work in an office. Love the shattered-glass-like patter and it’s versatility — swapped the blazer for a jean jacket and boots over the weekend. This dress will definitely be in high rotation throughout the year.

I picked up this purse at a blogger garage sale last weekend hosted by Justyna (chameleonic), Julie (Pop Champagne) and Katarina (Love K Blog). Love the vibrant Kelly green and the smaller size. Side note: I’d like to downsize my purses…they are much too large…then I feel the need to fill them…then I can never find anything, especially when I need to… Anyway, it was $10. I need to shop vintage more often.


the perfect cross between effortless & chic

photo compliments of the wonderful Garance Doré

I know this is a cop out…and I know I haven’t posted anything in months (decades really,  in fashion time), but see this post from Garance Doré. This photo exudes my mood for spring! I’ve been searching for the perfect denim or chambray (why not both?) shirt for the longest time; I am now much more determined to search more aggressively. Also on the list of to-do’s: buy a new white suit. Now, where to find the most perfect worn-in pair of white, low-top chucks?  

rachel zoe – red tuxedo

red tuxedo, rachel zoe

photo compliments of

Love this.

Especially the cut of the jacket. Especially the cuff on the sleeve. Especially the crease in the pant. Especially the colour. Red tuxedo from Rachel Zoe’s Fall 2011 RTW. This would have been fabulous to wear yesterday. This post also would have been fabulous had it been posted yesterday, on Valentine’s Day.

Expect my opinions on and absolute favourites from NYFW very, very soon. I promise.