Not Too Late for a Garden Party

Winners' Floral Shift Dress 1

With Canadian Thanksgiving past and Halloween—creepily shuffling its feet towards October in that dimly lit alley behind WalMart—around the corner, it’s safe to say Fall is upon us. Already, nary not a pumpkin-laced treat or scalding hot beverage, knitted-cabled sweater coziness, or flat-heeled ankle boot already in your weekend casual game’s rotation. Fall and all that comes along with it is great, I kid you not, but let’s face it folks, summer is just so much gosh-darn better: there’s more sunlight in the day to chase your dreams (with drinks on a patio); you’re free to bear your tri’s and bi’s in all their sleeveless glory; BBQ’d anything every night of the week; and the warmth, my god the warmth, of the sun on your sunglasses-framed face.

With that, allow me to take the time to look back on the sunshine of a couple of months earlier with these garden-party-worthy florals, a shift dress highly appropriate for the office and epic cap sleeves. #summerthrowback

It’s high time I embraced the current season—have you?

Winners' Floral Shift Dress 2

Winners' Floral Shift Dress 5 Winners Floral Shift Dress 4 Winners' Floral Dress for the office

Land A Role in The Jeffersons

DSC_0001Denim Button-Up—Zara / Dress—See by Chloé

Denim and paisley— a shoe-in for a supporting character on That 70’s Show…or the Jeffersons. Forced to choose a decade to live-in, I’d pick the 70s: Audience’s Jackdaw, platform boots, Foxy Brown. I could dig it. Which decade would you live in?

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get while the going’s good

The jacket, you’ve seen before. The dress: I had picked it out for my mother on a shopping trip a couple of years back. She wore it twice then handed it down to me. I may have dropped a hint, or two, or seven, about how much I loved it. The jersey, the fit, the longer skirt length; perfect for that 6-month long winter of ours. I dislike wearing pants. Even in the winter. Especially in the winter. Salt stains on the fringe of my wide-legged trousers are a nightmare –like Uggs (enough already, okay?)– I’d like to save a bit of coin on the dry-cleaning bill. Am I right?

photos by David Fee…