Blue Is The Warmest Colour

GQ - Tommy Ton

A month of Men’s Spring/Summer 2015 fashions will be wrapping up next week. I used to get lady wood for the clothes that made their way down the runway or that stood still for a presentation when the both the Men’s and Women’s shows would roll around—but “ready-to-wear” was oh-so-very loosely defined and the luxury prices much too high for my overtly modest living. Now, it’s the fashion seen on da mean streets of Pitti, Milan, and London etc that gets me off. Yes, I know, people who attend the shows put a lot of effort into looking like they effortlessly put themselves together so uniquely and creatively. But you gotta love ’em for giving a damn. The same cannot be said for 78% of the people who work in my building…

Men wear blue all the time. But these men wear blue like they give a shit and don’t it look nice?

GQ - Tommy Ton

GQ - Tommy Ton

W Magazine

W Magazine

*Images via GQ and W

When Candy Colours And Graphic Prints Mix

I love colour. Heck, who doesn’t? And as of late, prints of a graphic nature have, like Ray Charles with Georgia, been on my mind. Marry the two and I’m rife with glee. I’d say I’m on trend—Sophia thinks so. Button up, knit, and coloured jeans all fresh from Joe. Joe Fresh, that is.


DSC_0031 DSC_0029


What’s The (Colour) Story, Morning Glory?

Fighting the rainy gloom one day at a time. I picked up this canary yellow number at Joe Fresh. $12. I’m going back for the bubblegum pink.

When I was a kid, I used to dream in cartoon. I was always disappointed after I woke up; real life seemed so flat. Live your life like a cartoon. Bright. Full of colour. Like Natalie Joos.


“duh duh da duh…deep in the heart of Texas!”

Naturally, the above title has absolutely nothing to do with the content of this post. Just thought I’d get your attention…has it worked?

I’ve been painfully reluctant to share an outfit post as of late because of poor presentation. I know that a few things will need to change from herein…it’s just finding the time to make those changes that is the problem. Finding the time to force my lazy ass to write something on a particularly consistent basis is also a problem, one that I hope to strategically correct and one that works out for everyone. And by everyone, I mean me. I digress. The things that will need to change include the following;

investing into a tripod and remote: the “self-portraits” of me in the mirror trying to casually balance myself while keeping the camera in focus in simply ludicrous…bordering on sad.

putting more effort into accessorizing: that’s supposed to be an advantage to this fashion blogging journey, exploring my wardrobe choices while taking “risks”, pushing “boundaries” and winning the Nobel Peace Prize in the process.

occasionally using a photographer: allowing for my high-fashion magazine-worthy editorials to display varying angles. Of course keeping in line with my life philosophy to be consistently inconsistent. I practice such a thing regularly.

And the most important one of all…

blog more regularly: like a bowel movement. Somewhat contradicts with my life philosophy though.

ANYWAY. I unwillingly present to you two products of an unexpected shopping spree. I bought more…but will show that another day…maybe. The vibrant lime-green racer back is from Zara. It has a cute gold zipper in the back…but I couldn’t photograph that being photographer-less and all. The first outfit, I wore to an informal job interview and felt great! I LOVE the Anthropologie skirt and Nine West pumps I wore it with. The second outfit features graphic-print silk pants from Club Monaco that I had to have. I wore this to the OIFF Kick-Off Party a couple of moons (that’s weeks, right?) ago. You can see some photos I took on Ottawa Fashion Week Facebook page and my coverage of the event here.

Zara tank, Anthropologie skirt, Mango cardigan, Nine West pumps

Zara tank / CM pants & blazer / Aldo shoes

Enough with the self-portraits.

Aaaaannnnddddd….that’s all folks.