Blue Is The Warmest Colour

GQ - Tommy Ton

A month of Men’s Spring/Summer 2015 fashions will be wrapping up next week. I used to get lady wood for the clothes that made their way down the runway or that stood still for a presentation when the both the Men’s and Women’s shows would roll around—but “ready-to-wear” was oh-so-very loosely defined and the luxury prices much too high for my overtly modest living. Now, it’s the fashion seen on da mean streets of Pitti, Milan, and London etc that gets me off. Yes, I know, people who attend the shows put a lot of effort into looking like they effortlessly put themselves together so uniquely and creatively. But you gotta love ’em for giving a damn. The same cannot be said for 78% of the people who work in my building…

Men wear blue all the time. But these men wear blue like they give a shit and don’t it look nice?

GQ - Tommy Ton

GQ - Tommy Ton

W Magazine

W Magazine

*Images via GQ and W

One thought on “Blue Is The Warmest Colour

  1. Loved that post so much! That was fantastic. And yes. The blue. 💙 The not put together, put together look – so drool worthy!

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