I’m Sorry. I Can’t. Don’t Hate Me.


Cardigan—Joe Fresh / Skirt—Zara / Booties—Aldo

I scribbled this post’s title on a Post-It and left it outside in the wee hours of the morning before disappearing to work as dawn approached. My note would be found in the gelid light of day, inducing the utmost rage; such fury would befall all of us. I had to do it, we were heading in opposite directions, existing separately in futures that didn’t include one another. Things changed immediately after Yuletide, the New Year on the horizon. The obsession with snow and cold became too much. Before long, thoughts of balmy temperatures, forever-green grass, and perpetually sunny skies filled my head—I wasn’t present and it wasn’t fair. Be that as it may, Winter is most often a wicked, cold-hearted bitch. For reals. And with that, I’m over it.




Tell me, you’re over Winter too, right?

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One thought on “I’m Sorry. I Can’t. Don’t Hate Me.

  1. Not only is Winter a cold-hearted bitch, she’s a stalker!! She won’t go away! She’s everywhere you go! It’s time to take out a restraining order!

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