4 Reasons To Not Not Choose A Cross Body Bag

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Who can deny the practicality of a cross body bag. And yes, I meant that as a statement. They’re like satchels that foragers and huntresses took to the daily scour—carrying all the tools needed to conquer the day.

While the younger set have fully embraced the cross body bag—even men with the messenger variety—more older women need to jump on the proverbial band wagon. Trying to lasso 2 unruly, snotty-faced mini-humans is a feat in itself; trying to lasso mini-humans whilst on your cellphone, fumbling with a diaper bag and struggling to keep the entire contents of your purse from emptying all over the pavement is the very equivalent of attempting to walk a tightrope over Niagara Falls.

If you need more convincing, here’s 4 reasons to embrace the freeing power of the cross body bag…

  • It can hold more stuff. Sure, sometimes less is more. But other times, more is less..wait, what? Flats to change into, iPad, iPod (people still have those, right?), notebook, pocketbook, cheque book (people still have those, right?), that novel you keep meaning to read but forget to so you bring it with you hoping that when you’ll get a free moment while standing on line you’ll skim a few pages, makeup, etc.
  • It’s hands-free! No need to clutch the straps of that defiant shoulder bag—walk with your hands free to clutch other things, like that freshly brewed latté or those shopping bags from your favourite boutique around the corner. Or a baguette and fresh flowers. Or groceries.
  • It’s mug-proof. While I’ve never—knock on wood—been mugged, I can imagine that the thief is only interested in taking off with your bag…without you attached…I hope.
  • It’s youthful. There’s just something about a woman standing at a cross walk, her cross body at her hip, hands in the pockets of her upturned-collar-trench. Effortless chic at any age.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go stand at a cross walk with one hand in my pocket, the other one holding a latté and a cross body bag at my hip.

Sidenote: I had written this post and taken its corresponding photos in the summer of last year. I’m posting now because I thought I had accidentally deleted the photos but found them yesterday! My Nikon thought it was 2009 because I hadn’t used my camera for some time. It’s the small things. #victory.

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