Mommy & Me

My mommy and me and our matching ‘fros. Isn’t she lovely? It was ’89. We had just emigrated from Jamaica in mid-March and were for the first time experiencing the full blow of a frigid Canadian winter – obviously – hence the lack of goose down parkas. I love how I’ve seen her acid wash button-up worn present day; and pulled off nicely, I might add.

This post will be concise, saccharine and dedicated to my beautiful mother. Today befalls Mother’s Day; when we all take a moment to truly be grateful for the woman who birthed us, to acknowledge the sacrifices this woman has made for us and the forgiveness she’ll always pour over our shortcomings. To the woman who accurately knows what’s best, who miraculously knows what’s wrong before telling her and who sometimes knows you better than you know yourself.

So here’s to you Mom – I appreciate all that you have done for me and do love you so.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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