There’s way more where that came from…

From the vast horizon that is the interwebs, I came across an article from Mashable, praising the amazing-ness that is, and I quote, “yet another fashion” app. Yes, there are lots out there. No, I haven’t heard of most of them. But this one, this is one you’ll be glad to know. A burst of street-style inspiration in the tiny palm of your freshly-manicured-for-spring hand. The app promises an array of various blogger (and a bit of commercial) styles, from bohemian, Navajo and Ikat print inspired to colour blocking prepster. You can also “buy” their style –with each photo comes a suggestion to cop what the wearer’s wearing –a feature I could go without. What would set this app over the top for the fashion set? A link back to where the photo came from.

Expect to see some Coachella garb, as well as some street styles from the men.

Oh and by the way –it’s called Kaleidoscope. And it’s free.

Which fashion apps are you using?


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