much ado about nothing

Like a boss…

Meet Oliver. Or Ollie. He was my cat. We had to part ways due to lifestyle differences and I hope he is roaming freely in the country side somewhere. I do miss him sometimes. I’ve always been a dog person, but Ollie was a birthday gift from my brother. As a kitten he was cute, cuddly, and curious –his claws not yet sharp enough to puncture human flesh –but became a handful as he grew older. Why am I writing about all this? Because I like pets. As of late, I’ve been jonesing for a dog, more specifically a Doberman. Perhaps due to dog owner envy; every household within a 25 mile radius has a dog and they all walk them at the same time and they are all so freakin’ adorable (the dogs, not the owners) and I want to take them all home (the dogs, not the owners).

Moving on. Look at more of my pets. Well, pets by association, as I’m required to take care of them every time my parents go out-of-town (which is very often). I guess I missed that clause in the parent-offspring contract.



Bella & brother…

In summation: this post was really about nothing.


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