finding one’s voice, what a cliché

I mentioned in a previous post my impeccable tact for bad timing, which includes the loose hold I have on this blog and how I haven’t quite figured “it” out yet. By that I mean, I feel that I have yet to find my voice (what a cliché!) or nail down the direction I’d like Fashion Marmalade to take. I can’t read my compass, or find it for that matter. After a bit of amateur psycho-analysis, I’ve pinned this lack of focus to my petulant worry over what others may think of my written words, my opinions, my point-of-view, my soundbites, my perceived notions etc. Of course I want people to like what they see, but I have no control over that. I care what others think a bit too much at times.

I came across a song a few weeks ago, the singer wailing about “not giving a fuck about you not giving a fuck…”, and as adolescent as it sounds, I hope to blog with that same sentiment. This year, I’d like to find my voice for Fashion Marmalade; the direction, although very important, will come after. Build it and they will come.

Some questionable looks from Kanye West’s debut collection…

Now, moving on! Despite the Spring collections being a thing of fashion’s past, I finally took a look at Kanye West’s debut collection. Now there’s a guy who really doesn’t give a fuck about anyone not giving a fuck. Although I do appreciate his efforts, despite how vocal he’s been about it all, I feel like the collection wasn’t…quite. I’m no Parsons or Central Saint Martins graduate, but being a consumer, I know a thing or two (or I’d like to think that I do). Mr. West seriously needs to reconsider his target market — most of the clothes were not designed with women in mind, be them real or imaginary. With a debut at Paris Fashion Week, who was he designing for? The collection wasn’t a hit but it wasn’t an entire miss either. I’m sure he’ll try harder next time.

I need to find my voice and Mr. West needs to hone is clothing designer skills. We have so much in common…

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3 thoughts on “finding one’s voice, what a cliché

  1. Love it, Love you!
    Brutally honesty and self reflection. So refreshing! What a great start to a new year.
    There is no doubt in my mind that you and Fashion Marmalade will make it big in 2012.

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