the perpetually late bloomer

I’ve never had great timing.

I’ve always been late to bloom. Mostly with regards to common societal knowledge; new music, politics, television etc., you know, the things that matter. In marketing terms (having study it I should know) I would be considered  part of the “late majority” or maybe even a “laggard”. Fashion Marmalade is a perfect example of this. I started in 2010, but still haven’t quite figured it out, not in the least. But let’s not talk about that quite yet — I’ll save that for another time. Anyway, I really just wanted to comment on 2011. See? Bad timing.

A few of my favourite posts from 2011.

Last year, was truly year to be grateful for: I started an exciting (to me anyway) new job; moved into a great new place; traveled in-country; expanded my social network the teensiest-tiniest-little bit; and increased Fashion Marmalade’s exposure a teensiest-tiniest-little bit.  Oh, and of course there’s all the that fun fashion stuff that also happened in 2011, but you’ve read about it already, no need to repeat it here. However, not everything was peachy, I did suffer a minor +10 lbs pitfall with my physical appearance…but I’m working on that.

Onwards and upwards to 2012. This year has made me inexplicably anxious. Perhaps it’s the feeling of wiping one’s slate clean, having carte blanche, taking your knowledge from the year before to make better decisions for the year at hand. That’s what “resolutions’ are supposed to achieve — when applied correctly. Who knows, conceivably this anxiousness could be attributed to the mere excitement of a new year that could dissipate once February rolls around? I guess we’ll see come February. So, for the time being, I’m anxious to slowly unhinge myself from my comfort zone (i.e. my living room couch) and to broaden my awareness of, well, pretty much everything. ambiguous, I know, but then again, aren’t all New Year’s resolutions?

Wishing you a prosperous New Year.


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