hello Autumn, it’s been a while.

My favourite season is now upon us, oh joy of joyous joys! Since childhood autumn (or the more commonly coined, fall) has been the time of year I looked forward to the most. When I was younger, autumn marked the beginning of school. The start of school meant back-to-school shopping which didn’t solely include school supplies…it meant clothes.  The first-day-back outfit was crucial. Everything had to be perfect or, as Chicken Little prophesied, the sky would fall and the world would come to an end.

Check out this hooter. I gushed in excitement when I happened on it and it’s sibling (to be seen another day) at Ragtime Vintage Shop. The anorak, wool cardigan and turtleneck suited me just fine to brave the outdoor elements while watching McGill football in Montréal this past weekend. The boots were definitely made for walking and I’ve done a million miles, or two, with these puppies. They will certainly be in high rotation this fall.

Gone are the days of first-day-back outfits for me. No need to fret about the sky falling. No need for perfection — just a killer pair of riding boots.

I’d just like to add a Texas-sized thank you to my friend David Fee, a kindly photographer who will be helping me out. I look forward to our collaboration!

Until next time!

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