the wheels on the bus go round and round…

image hyperlinked - Mickey G on Flckr

As of late, I have been forced into using public transportation to make the trek to and from work, or anywhere in between. Of course, at first, I was not at all thrilled with the idea. I remember when, ions (read: one year) ago, the bus was my only mode of transportation. I reluctantly relied on the non air-conditioned, multi-smell, large waiting room on wheels, to bring me to my destinations on time. I hated it. I despised the bus…and for the most part its bus folk.

It really is a waiting room on wheels. People from all walks of life (well, depending on which bus one takes) waiting for the journey to end, to make it to their stop. All gazes fixedly out the window; music blaring from headphones; mobile devices mere inches from noses; dog-eared pages of old novels; folded newspapers; a baby crying incessantly; a crazy yelling obscenities at passersby; that group of unnecessarily rowdy prepubescent boys and/or girls; the man who forgot to shower, once…or twice…or a few times.  Ah yes, good ‘ol bus folk.

Despite all the brouhaha that one often experiences when riding the bus, I must admit that I kinda of, sort of, not really, but almost, dare I say…missed it? Allow me to explain: one does not stand to witness the diversity that lies within their own city if solely exposed to the confines of one’s vehicle or place of work or big-box grocery chain. However when taking the bus, and as mentioned earlier, one is exposed to people from all walks of life and truly gets a taste of their city’s diversity. Though this may not be true for all other cities in Canada and beyond, I certainly believe it to be so for Ottawa.

These past couple of days, I’ve had the delight of visually indulging in the diversity that one can find by taking the bus. On more than one occasions did I wish I had my camera to snap a shot of that woman’s vintage dress, or that man’s three-piece suit, or that girl’s Trilby or that young woman’s entire look. No, such events (spotting someone’s unique style) do not occur often, but when they do, they bring a smile to my face, making the dreary journey worthwhile. Ah yes, good ol’ bus folk.

Share your bus experience. Good? Bad? Happy? Sad?

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