Ummm…I’m sorry? I’ll try harder next time. I promise.

I was almost too afraid to come back, for fear of being forgotten. Let’s be honest though, only my friends and family – if that – were reading. I’m like the slacker in the relationship. We’ve all had one, a significant other that doesn’t pull their weight, no matter how many times you plea with them to take part. Although in this case, I’ve heard not one plea so it’s safe to assume that I’ve disappeared into the fog of forgotten websites that make up part of the interwebs.

My excuse? No excuse. I’ve been busy, yes, but one always finds time to do the things they love. And at first, this whole experience made me nervous. I had no idea what I’d want fashion marmalade to look like, what I’d like for it to become (I still have no idea), but slowly and surely I’ve realized now not to make so much of it. Just to have fun with it. Love it despite its complete failure. And cherish it because you tried. I guess the same could be said for all relationships, no?

So I don’t leave you, cherished reader, with nothing: check out a quick piece I wrote for Ottawa Fashion Week on race and body image in the fashion industry. I agree, it merely skims the surface of two extremely significant issues that still plague the industry today, but it does start the conversation. Join in.  

On a completely unrelated topic and just so you would have something to look at, see photo below. I FINALLY found out John Hancock’s name. It was driving me grapefruits because I’ve seen him EVERYWHERE over the past couple of years. Dude’s got mad style. Excuse my complete disregard for the English language on that last sentence. I mean, tattoo sleeves?! Four-toned pants?! Not two, four! And all of his other smashingly sartorial outfit creations. I wish we were besties…in real life, because in my head, we are.

Dude. Awesome.

This post is really all over the place. Just goes to show you I need to get back at it.

Until next time, my friends.

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