my four inch heeled sea legs

Day 1 of Vancouver, included a whole lotta nothin’. We didn’t do much, but find somewhere to eat…I forget where…or what. Who? Anyway, Day 2 included a whole lotta walkin’! My dogs were howlin’ and barkin’ at the end of the day. Regardless, that didn’t stop me from slipping on these…

I matched these scarlet suede, with black-sequined appliqué, Nine West beauties with; my absolute favourite black wool, Club Monaco boyfriend blazer. Oh boy! Do I have a retail, miracle anecdote for that one… I digress. For an additional punch of colour– the splashes of scarlet highlighted by the pumps –I adorned my tiered, pleated purple & grey ikat print Gap mini. Finally, accessorized with gold-plated Michael Kors watch.

love this look

I don’t accessorize with much; just a watch, if that. I do, however, want to make it a point to accessorize more this year and beyond. Especially after interning at Ottawa Fashion Week S/S 2011, which showcased a smorgasbord of incredibly beautiful, unique and interesting jewellery. Anyone know of any local Ottawa boutiques that would carry interesting & affordable pieces?

i heart u CM

Why did I get all “dressed up”? The Man of my Dreams and I celebrated our 6-month anniversary, 3 days late, on The Constitution for a harbour dinner-cruise of Vancouver. It was unbelievably beautiful! I, unfortunately, did not take my camera on my romantic dinner and cruise; so you’ll have to believe me when I say that is was unbelievably beautiful.

During the day, I did take some pictures…stay tuned for those.

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