“Beautiful British Columbia” says the licence plate – a little full of ourselves aren’t we?

The blogging begins! True, I did get back from Vancouver early this morning (still laden with jet-lag and the three-hour time difference) but the next few posts will all be about my time there. Sure, I could have blogged this in real-time but like I mentioned before, the Fairmont doesn’t offer free wi-fi (but A&W does?) and I was on vacation…so deal with it.

comfort? almost.

When I fly, not literally of course, I like to do so in the utmost comfort because to not be comfortable for a five-hour flight is, well…uncomfortable. So to battle discomfort, the operative word being comfort, I wore black American Apparel leggings, a charcoal grey McGill University t-shirt and navy-striped Urban Outfitters sleeveless long cardigan with Citizen Eco-Drive watch and purple Hunters. Why the Hunters? The forecast called for rain in Vancouver. I wanted to be prepared upon arrival. My need for preparedness compromised my comfort-ness. Noté bien: never wear rubber boots on a five-hour flight. Sure, they do their job very well in keeping outside moisture, well, out. But what about inside moisture? It stays in.

topped off with a Gap all-season trench

Moral of this story? One can never be fully prepared; life never turns out the way you plan anyway.

PS – I apologize for my terrible self-portrait skills, or lack-there-of. I’ll practice that, I promise.

3 thoughts on ““Beautiful British Columbia” says the licence plate – a little full of ourselves aren’t we?

  1. Too bad about the boots but otherwise this looks like a great travel outfit! The yellow lining on your coat is unexpected but so pretty. Sometimes I’ll just bring slippers to change into on flights and ignore any ensuing stares.

    • Thanks for reading Kat! I learned my lesson for the flight back and opted for some gold flats. That coat gets a lot of use, so a pop of yellow adds a little something to what could be, dull khaki.

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