hello there; from cloudy, rainy, green-y vancouver

I arrived in Downtown Vancouver this past Sunday.  Before we touched down, I was privy to this view…

the Rockies?

Admittedly, when we landed, I was not all that impressed. Where were the million-year-old trees? The lush vegetation? The mountains? The lumberjacks? The ocean? Needless to say, the taxi ride to the hotel changed my view immediately. A great number of the taxis here are Toyota Priuses. And the number of condos/sky rises is almost surreal. There are flowers and trees everywhere! Even for downtown; tulips, cherry blossoms, violets, daffodils and other colourful foliage I can’t name.

I’m staying at the Fairmont Vancouver; an architectural beauty in its old world features, a great contrast to its surrounding glass and metal structures. However, unlike most hotels, one has to pay a price to indulge in the internet; so here I am, stranded at Starbucks for the free wi-fi. I’m cheap that way.

Stay tuned for more on my Vancouver adventures…my laptop battery’s about to die…and my adapter is in the hotel room. Sigh.

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