a title? can’t really think of one right now…let me get back to you.

Last year I visited one of my best friends in the Motor City. This trip gave me the opportunity to really test my camera, especially with all the great history that lies within the city. It helped that I had a guide who was able to bring me to some of the most interesting places in Detroit (i.e. The Heidelberg Project…I’ll be posting more in the PHOTO section. “Why now?”, you may ask – because I feel like it).

a part of history...well, sort of.

I also took a trip to Atlantic City (the cheaper Las Vegas…waaaay cheaper) for a bachelorette party. That was…fun. Anyway, whatever happens in Atlantic City…
The Boardwalk was such a sight to see! The architecture and the colourfully painted buildings gave me the strong urge to eat salt water taffy and liquorice.

"...on the Boardwalk, we'll be having some fun. On the Boardwalk..."

Then a couple of months ago, I took a relaxing trip with my Detroit City tour guide to Punta Cana (or Punta Canada as they call it down there…only to Canadians of course). Sometimes it’s nice to do nothing, but ensuring a primo spot poolside or beach-side, and just relax.

taste of paradise

“What exactly is the point of this post?”,  you may be asking yourself. Have no fear, I will tell you…right after a word from our sponsors (and queue elevator music here).

I’m going to Vancouver next week with the man of my dreams (babe, if you’re reading this…derp!!!). I’ll be posting while I’m there. It will be fun. I am very excited. The End.

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