a fashion epiphany…for lack of a better word

Earlier tonight I was invited by, and whom I hope to become, a dear friend – to a Blogger’s Night hosted by Blackbook Lifestyle at THANN, a brand that features a range of all-natural hair, skin, and body care, for women and men.  This organic oasis, located in the Glebe, is a beauty buff’s dream. I was treated to a hand scrub and will more than likely be heading back for more!

I was also fortunate to meet several beautiful and talented fashion bloggers right here in Ottawa. I never knew such a thing existed! There is hope yet. Slowly but surely fashion is making its way to the Nation’s Capital and the increasing attendance to Ottawa Fashion Week over the years proves this so. (I was a marketing intern for their F/W 2011 season…did I mention that? No?)

And rounding the corner, coming to my point; events like this exist in Ottawa. Events that gather the fashionable (mini) masses and showcase the exceeding talent which exists in this wonderful city. Events that give me hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel…and that I don’t have to move to NYC…just Toronto (by the way, ADR graced T Dot with her sartorial presence…did I talk about that? No?).

So finally. My point. Events like these provide encouragement. They keep me motivated. Motivated to share my perspective (in a more timely manner); of the industry, the trends, the fads, the  fashion. The fashion. Aaaannnnnd one more time for emphasis – the fashion. All of course, served best with toast.

2 thoughts on “a fashion epiphany…for lack of a better word

  1. Amoi, it was great to meet you last night! I hope you’ll keep updating your blog. I like your writing style and insights, and the crisp, clean layout.

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