fabulous menswear, rocked by fabulous women

marlene dietrich (1933)
It’s been around for years; hence why they call it a trend. As seen above, silver screen siren and style icon of the Dirty 30’s, Marlene Dietrich, sports a  mens-inspired pant suit by Coco Chanel. A testament that a woman can do anything a man can. Sometimes better – like looking superbly sophisticated and stunningly chic in a suit.
Today, it’s worn with feminine of splashes of colour and patterned bow and neck ties, as demonstrated below – a three-piece version with either a knit or vest.

PS – GREAT glasses. Does anyone know who this lovely lady is? 

photo by tommy ton

photo by tommy ton

This trend also works with the pants slim and cropped accompanied by brogues; or long, wide-legged tuxedo-esque perfection with heels to boot. The pants – with pockets, always, for the laissez-faire attitude.  The blazer – slim in the sleeve and the length falling just below the hips. Perfectly executed by ADR below, as always.

photo by peter stigter

 Now I know what I’ll be wearing to my next interview!

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