detroit. rock. city.




Can you guess where I went this (Canadian) Thanksgiving?

I made a long overdue visit (and this is a long overdue post) to one of my best friends in this universe, Linds, to her adopted city for the past 6 years.

It. Was. Amazing.

When announcing my Thanksgiving long-weekend destination, I received a mélange of puzzled looks and gasps of shock. Detroit is nothing like “they” said it would be. It was more. Through the “rot and decay”, its beauty and potential reigning glory shone through.

Don’t believe me? Visit the place yourself. Or better yet, take a look at this mini 3-part documentary with Johnny Knoxville: Detroit Lives. Or take a peek at some of the shots I took below.

Detroit highlights:

  1. Seeing my best friend
  2. Painting a dot on the polka-dot house to get Tyree Guyton’s picture [The Heidelberg Project] – Stay tuned for my pictures of this…brace yourself
  3. Michigan Central Station


God save the people

the spirit of detroit






the fox


For more of my favourite pictures of the city, visit my PHOTO page.

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