paris, je t’aime

The looks from the Spring 2011, Paris runways for which I tumbled head over heels.  All photos compliments of Vogue – thanks! Click on photo to enlarge.

Nina Ricci rocked my socks. Well done, Monsieur Copping, well done. Simply romantic and wistful of the days of yore when ladies wore ruffles, chiffon and lace to lunch.

Casual chic-ness, vibrant hues and textures (e.g. lace, mesh, cable knit, canvas) from Isabel Marant. Sex appeal at Lanvin and YSL; I wouldn’t expect anything less. Comfort and ease from Céline and Dries Van Noten – I love the trousers and can see that the wide-leg is making a comeback…again. And great to know that cinching is still in; why it ever went away in the very first place, I do not know.

Stay tuned for London.


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