view from her window


A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure of visiting MTL…for the 50th time. However this time it was gloriously special, as I  reunited with the Cousins. I spent the weekend and shown a great time and even greater shopping.  I had a quick bite and a few pints at Ye Olde Orchard Pub with Cousin Caroline & Cousin Tom. Then we prowled the lively streets to Les Foufounes Électriques, Le Sainte-Élisabeth…and some other place I’ve forgotten. Cheap beer = memory loss.  We ate at L’evidence Sunday morn for brunch (free mimosa’s anyone?) and spent the entire day manoeuvring through the crowds to shop until I dropped…way too much money on the Visa.

I foolishly failed to bring my camera with me while we were out and by doing so, failed to capture the awesomeness that was my stay in MTL. Have no fear – I will return to ye great city and document my adventures.


cousin caroline


All in all a fantastic weekend. Thank you Cousin Caroline!  I’ll be back faster than you can say… “[insert witty, cultural reference here]”.

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